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Cycle Crime Conference is operated by Selectamark Security Systems plc (’Selectamark’)

Selectamark, a market leader in the field of property marking and identification, offers a full range of property marking and identification products including the revolutionary SelectaDNA, a powerful crime reduction system which combines DNA marking and microdot technology (www.selectadna.co.uk).

Selectamark was founded in 1985, and using the same marking system supplied in our kits, Permanent Marking kits, has marked over 30 million items worldwide. More details can be found on www.selectamark.co.uk.

Selectamark purchased bikeregister.com in October 2001, and combined the bikeregister.com database with its own Bicycle Security Register (BSR) – which was formed in 1992 – to form the largest bicycle register in the UK. Since 1992 over 1/2 million bikes have been registered on the combined databases.

Initially launched in the late 1990s, BikeRegister has since been redeveloped twice. Firstly in October 2005 and more recently in December 2011 - it has become recognised as the UK’s leading bike registration site. In 2012 BikeRegister successfully bid to become London’s official cycle database, endorsed by the Metropolitan Police and Transport for London.

Recently with the development of internet auction sites and on line sale sites BikeRegister has become a valuable resource in allowing purchasers to quickly check the details of bikes they are considering purchasing to see if there is a record of it having been stolen.

Selectamark prides itself on its quality of service, its quality products, and being a trusted name in the security industry. The Company’s growth over the last five years is attributed, in part, to its high level of repeat business, generated by its attention to quality.  Selectamark is an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company.

We do of course welcome any customer feedback, which you can do via our 'Contact Us' page.

Company Information:-

Selectamark Security Systems plc
1 Locks Court
429 Crofton Road

Registered in England No. 01024280
VAT Registration No. GB 512 8043 77